Michael Straub

- 35 years of experience in organic farming through farm management, research and consultancy with a focus on: Pome, stone and berry fruit, cultivation of medicinal plants as well as aromatic plants such as roses, lavender, iris etc.


-Advice on conversion to organic or biodynamic agriculture and horticulture


-farm development advice on technology, soil cultivation and fertilisation, biological plant protection and use of beneficial insects, breeding and social issues


-agroforestry systems, edible gardens and indoor farming


-Seminars & workshops for farmers, gardeners, pharmacists, doctors and consumers


-cultivation of protected species, sustainable wild collection projects, species conservation projects


-Botanical explorations, scientific monitoring of field trials


                                                   -Specialist excursions, and writing of technical texts and books.


                                                   Email: Straub.mi@web.de




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